Art as We Dont Know It

  • March 5 2020

    art as we dont know it

    The text MAPPING A HORMONE HYPEROBJECT featured as a chapter of the book Art as We Don't Know It: edited by Erich Berger, Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka, Kira O’Reilly and Helena Sederholm, and published by Aalto ARTS Books.

    "Art as We Don’t Know It showcases art and research that has grown and flourished within the wider network of both the Bioart Society and Biofilia during the previous decade. The book features a foreword by curator and art historian Mónica Bello, and a selection of peer-reviewed articles, personal accounts and interviews, artistic contributions and collaborative projects which illustrate the breadth and diversity of bioart. The resulting book is a tantalising and invaluable indicator of trends, visions and impulses in the field."

    A free PDF of the entire book can be downloaded at the bottom of the Aalto books shop page, or an interactive expanded version of the text Mapping a Hormone Hyperobject can be accessed here.